Where to Find Free Jewish Dating Services

Where there’s a will there’s a way, the old expression goes. With many online dating services there are ways to take advantage of most of the services they offer for free. Free Jewish dating is available for those with the savvy to investigate some of the many dating services available.

Online, there are free offers that give you limited access to the site, which may be all you need. For instance, on many sites you merely have to register to scroll through the photos of prospective singles but you won’t be able to contact them – you post your information and hope they contact you. It may take some time, and you may have to go through a lot of first-date experiences before you meet the right person for you, but you’ll have done it without spending any money on the service. Other services will put you on their mailing lists for free and when they sponsor live social events you can pay the small fee for the evening and attend with the other members.

Furthermore, there are websites that, in an attempt to compete with well-established dating services, offer most of their services for free in the hope of attracting a large audience for advertising purposes, merchandise sales and profitable social events. Searching out these services can lead to a very active life of free Jewish dating.

Another very successful way to get active with free Jewish dating is to put your name on mailing lists for Jewish activities such as trips to Israel, other Jewish-themed vacation travel, parties and events that you might attend, but will have the extra added incentive due to the hopeful presence of single Jewish members of the opposite sex. In these cases, you will pay for the vacations, there will probably be a small charge to attend parties and other social events, but the service, the entity that coordinates these activities for Jewish singles, is free. Be advised, however, that there is no guarantee about how many people might show up at an event, whether or not you might be compatible with any of them, or even if anyone of the opposite sex might even show up. But at least the service is free, you’ll get a group discount for that well-needed vacation and there is enough food and beer at the party to more than compensate for the small fee.
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Alison Cole