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Compound interest is the very method that finance companies have made their money for many decades. However at last competition from a booming worldwide economy has forced the industry to give consumers a better deal.

Compound interest in a nutshell is basically the daily calculation of interest that accumulates into thousands of dollars designed to suck the consumer dry.

FACT: I used an interest calculator to work out how much interest my best friend Brad would be paying if he continued paying the normal repayments on his $280,000 home loan over 30 years.

It worked out he would be paying $412,000 JUST IN INTEREST over 30 years. Now if he put his homebuyers grant (for overseas viewers of this article in Australia first home buyers get a grant from the government of $12,000) straight into his loan it would cut 7 years off his loan. A total saving of just over $150,000 in compound interest just from that small investment of $12,000.

The same applies if you put just $5.00 or $10.00 per week extra into your loan or if you get the ultimate deal where you put your whole salary into the mortgage loan account and draw only the funds you need to survive out. These methods blow compound interest away real quick and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are in this rut there is a solution, refinance with a company that offers these services without costing you an arm and a leg. You owe it to your self to do something about it now.

This information is potentially worth millions of dollars to you if you are a property investor. Why would you continue to pay someone else for the profits you are making. Or if you are in the situation like my friend Brad why would you ever continue to GIVE YOUR MONEY TO SOMEONE ELSE?

It doesn’t make sense to be that silly.

This does not mean you are silly it just means that before now you were not educated on what to do about saving money on your home loan.

You now know what lies your bank is telling you when you get sucked in to one of their money grabbing schemes. When you think about it these banks are no different to the average con man who sucks thousands of dollars out of you.

However in this case it is on a much larger scale which costs the average home loan customer hundreds of thousands of dollars (not just thousands).

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