Chapter 19: Resources

HTML Tutorials

The following sites provide online HTML tutorials, teaching you basic to advanced HTML:

NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Introduction to HTML
HTML Developer's JumpStation
DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
The WDVL: Creating Web Sites
UT Austin: Learning HTML

Yahoo has several links to HTML tutorials:

HTML Reference Guides

The following sites provide references to all the HTML tags, and browser-specific extensions to HTML:

DJ Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
HTML Quick Reference
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi

Yahoo has several links to HTML Reference Guides:

Image resources

The following sites provide images which can be downloaded and used on your web page, i.e. backgrounds, bullets, lines, icons, buttons, etc.

Gallery of Graphics
The Clipart Warehouse
The Design Shoppe
Graphics Land
Ender's Realm Graphics
Backgrounds, Textures and Clipart Wonderland

Yahoo has several links to Image Resources:

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