3 Magical Steps For Creating A Profitably Potent Affiliate Program

There are a few reasons why your affiliate program isn’t
bringing in the traffic and profits you’ve always hoped for.
And below, I’ve outlined 5 quick ways to change that so you
can get more traffic and profits using the power of “super”

1) Make Sure Your Sales Letter Converts. Nothing puts a
damper on an affiliate program quicker than having
affiliates sending you tons of traffic but not giving them
anything in return.

If your sales letter really works hard to turn prospects
into customers, then you’re going to make your affiliates
(and yourself) really happy.

So, spend sometime getting your sales letter converting
well. Study how to write better copy, or hire a professional
to write you a hard-selling letter.

2) Offer Affiliate Tools. This is so important. Most
affiliates will promote your program if you give them the
tools to do it.

Hire someone to design some strong banners. Create a weekly
“affiliate tips” newsletter to share new ideas. Create sales
letters and graphics affiliates can use that will work to
get the word out on your product fast.

3) Start An Affiliate Contest where you give away prizes for
top sellers and those most improved. Or, make an offer that
an affiliate making 10 sales through their link gets your
product free. It doesn’t cost much to run a contest of this
type, and the return is great.

4) Define Your Perks And Tell Potential Affiliates Why They
Should Promote Your Program.

If your sales letter converts visitors like crazy, tell
them. If you split profits down the middle and share 50% of
each sale with the referring affiliate, let them know.

Tell them about contests you run and tools you offer to make
it easy. Put your offer into focus for potential affiliates.
If you have a high priced product, you could say something
like, “This sales letter converts 1 out of every 50 visits.
And with the product going for $297, and you getting half of
that for each sale, 100 visitors sent from your site can put
$297 in your pocket.”

5) Get The Word Out. Place a link on your sales page that
sends those clicking to a full-page sales letter detailing
all the benefits of offering your product to their visitors.

Promote your affiliate program instead of the product.
There’s hundreds of ezines in existence that cater to those
promoting affiliate programs. Take out an ad and tell them
why they want to be an affiliate for you.

Check out keywords online that target your audience and get
in touch with the webmasters. Tell them about your programs
benefits and give them the opportunity to sign up.

Affiliate programs, once in place, can bring you automatic,
low cost traffic for years to come. Take the time to set
yours up right, and reap the rewards for years to come.

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