5 Tips To Creating More Profits From Your Affiliate Program

1. If you're selling eBooks, set up a free marketing course
that your affiliates can offer on their websites or in their
ezines to promote your product. This can be a course you offer
through a pop up on your site that has generated sales for you
or another course you have used that has produced sales of your
products. Following up can substantially increase the sales of
your products. Make it easy for your affiliates to follow up
with their prospects by letting them use your own sales
generating ad copy.

2. If you're selling an eBook, create a trial copy of your
eBook that your affiliates can rebrand with their affiliate URL
and give away for free on their website or in their promotions.
This can be an easy way for your affiliates to earn more
commissions if they have a website that gets a lot of targeted
traffic or if they run an ezine.

3. If you write articles, allow your affiliates to use one or
more of your articles in their ezines. Writing articles can be
a very effective way to bring more traffic to your website and
sell more of your products. Many ezine owners do use content
from other sources for their articles and would be glad to use
your articles in their ezines since they are earning
commissions on the sale of your products.

4. Suggest to your affiliates that have bought and benefited
from your product to personally recommend your product on their
website or in their ezine. A personal recommendation will go
a lot farther than just an ad for your product. An ezine owner
who has the respect of their subscribers, for instance, will
have an opinion that goes a long way with their readers and
personally recommending your product in their ezine will
produce a lot more sales than just an ad at the top of their

5. Run a newsletter that you send to your affiliates only. You
can keep your affiliates up to date on any new products you
are offering as well as ways to market your products
effectively. Give examples of what your top affiliates are
doing to earn the highest commissions. You can also run
contests and give bonuses to your top affiliates to further
increase the productivity you get from your affiliates.

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