Educational Factory Tours For A Magical Family Vacation

When was the last time you saw the words "family fun",
"educational", and "free" in the same sentence? You can find
just that in Nottingham, PA, just outside Philadelphia, PA
or Balitmore, MD. Whether you live near those areas and are
looking for a family day trip, or want to have a unique
experience while on vacation, this factory tour is a must.

When you go to visit the Herr's Snack Food Factory, you will
get to experience a fun-filled (for the whole family)
morning or afternoon of educational information, with a
little bit of high tech thrown in... all for free. Before
the tour begins you receive the behind-the-scenes history
and background of Herr's. You will also be introduced to
your "special and unique tour guides", who will be with you
for your entire visit.

The tour is a fascinating and exciting experience for kids
and adults alike. With your personal guides and the
accompanying videos, this also makes it ideal for large

In this state-of-the-art plant, you'll get the chance to
watch as machines and ovens make thousands of snack foods,
including their famous potato chips, pretzels, corn chips,
cheese curls, popcorn, and much, much more. The tour starts
with an award winning video in which the Herr's mascot,
Chipper the Chipmunk takes you on a tour.

Next stop is the real factory, where you'll be able to
actually see how snacks are made. Watch pretzel twists
getting twisted and then baked in humongous ovens. You will
learn how chips are made from start to finish. Get ready to
be amazed as you watch the entire process. Beginning with
the loading of the raw ingredients through slicing, cooking,
seasoning and bagging, and how the chips end up in the
stores. It's mesmerizing to watch the machines doing all the
work, and to see how much work really goes into a potato
chip, before it hits your tastebuds.

The best part about the entire tour is that you'll be able
to taste potato chips hot and fresh off the conveyer belt.
Keep in mind that you are experiencing the real deal here.
This is the actual factory. You are seeing actual workers,
do what they do best, making great tasting potato chips and
other snacks perfectly. The tour will give you a front seat
type of experience, which has been specially designed with
methods and processes that's sure to impress kids and adults
alike. You'll be able to impress your friends with trivia,
like what the differences are between a "chip" potato and a
regular potato. And how pretzels are "twisted."

When you plan your day, go in the morning and plan to stay
for lunch. The menu is varied with enough choices to suit
everyone's tastes, and the food is good. From small to big
groups, the lunchroom is roomy enough to accommodate your
needs. Call for tour schedule: (800) 284-7488 Age Limits:
None. Cost: Free. Reservations are strongly suggested, but
walk-ins will be accommodated if space permits.

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