High Roller or Kid In A Stroller - Las Vegas Has It All

Las Vegas is much more than loud slot machines, and
noisy casinos. Seriously, there is so much more to do than
gamble and eat from block-long food tables. Las Vegas is
home to the some of the finest entertainment, attractions,
shopping, and golf courses in the world.

Your entertainment options are abundant in this bright
city known as "America's Playground". Breath-taking
roller coasters, magic and dolphin shows, and street shows
such as Treasure Island's life-like pirate battle. You can
even take a simulated ride of Egypt. There are places to
bowl, shop 'til you drop, enjoy a leisurely spa and even
get married. The possibilities are almost overwhelming, so
make sure to plan, or have some sort of idea what you
would like to see and do while you are there.

You will definitely want to put a trip to Fremont Street
on your itinerary. Fremont Street is located in the heart
of downtown Las Vegas and is a short stroll from many
hotels or you can ride the public transportation which is
extremely clean and passenger friendly. Look overhead as
you walk the 4 block long Fremont Street Experience and
you will be awed by the over 2.1 million lights and the
state-of-the-art sound system in the canopy constructed 90
feet over street level.

If you are vacationing and wanting to spoil yourself, then
you have come to the perfect place. Many of the spas offer
fitness centers. In addition you can treat yourself to
facials, massages, body wraps, saunas, heated whirlpools,
steam rooms and other treatments, including tanning.

Don't dare forget the fountains at Bellagio. It is one of
the most memorable and spectacular sights in Vegas or
maybe even the world! You will be hypnoized as the water
takes on a life all it's own and shows off in perfect
synchronization to opera and broadway favorites and
everything thing else in between. Best of all this show is
no charge as it can be experienced from the open sidewalk.

While you are at Bellagio, make time to visit their
gardens. You will feel yourself become calmer in this
tranquil oasis. With over 85,000 square foot of space the
conservatory has 1,200 exotic flowers and plants such as
orchids and lilies. Every month, the fragrant displays are
changed to keep the scenery a new one.

On May 15, 2005, Las Vegas will be celebrating its 100th
Birthday! It's an historic event that has something to
offer everyone. The Centennial Celebration Committee has
promised to commemorate the 100th birthday by hosting a
birthday party that~s bigger and brighter than the neon
lights on the Las Vegas Strip! The party actually started
on December 31, 2004 and will last for more than a year.

With all the resorts vying for your business, you will
be able to find cheap discounts on rooms and meals.
Seniors and students can find many airfare discounts
and accomodations to suit their budgets. Las Vegas is a
resort whereby you can spend as much or as little as you
desire and still have a great time.

Daytime or nightime, Las Vegas is a wonderful place to
bring the whole family to vacation or just get away with
someone special. And with the BIG Centennnial planned,
what better time than the present?

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