Amazon Tribe Communicates through Heart Sounds

"Talking" like Dolphins and Whales

In what might be compared to the telepathic, holographic
language dolphins and whales use, a tribe of aborigines has been
discovered in South America who communicate in a similar way.
These indigenous peoples "talk" to each other using heart sounds
that transmit exact images and experiences directly to the other
person. Rather than using symbols, such as words, to represent a
certain image or experience, the speaker communicates by
triggering within the listener the same visual and emotional
experience that the speaker is having.

Connecting by Direct Transmission

Renowned spiritual workshop leader, Drunvalo Melchizedek has
been exploring the unique wordless communication practiced by
this tribe living deep in the Amazon jungle. The Mamas, the
religious leaders of the Kogi, "talk" telepathically to each
other, speaking from the heart in images. Drunvalo describes his
experience with the Kogi, "They make little sounds, but these
sounds are not logically arranged into any pattern such as an
alphabet. These sounds come from the heart, not the mind, and
create images inside your head, and you can 'see' what the other
person is communicating."

Sound Delivers the Experience

Drunvalo details how he was taught to communicate using image-
producing heart sounds. The instruction came from a Kogi woman
who projected her consciousness into a participant at one of
Drunvalo's workshops. Communicating through this third party-the
workshop participant, the Kogi woman grasps Drunvalo's hand,
looks deeply into his eyes and emits "a soft and longing sound."
Drunvalo relates, "The sound went straight to my heart and
vibrated inside my very center, and I could 'see' what she was
saying. She made another 'sound,' and my body responded with
another similar 'sound' that had never come from me before.
Instantly, we were speaking in a new and profound manner that
was so beautiful, so complete. It made all the languages of the
world seem inadequate and obsolete. For two hours we
communicated in images of full color and depth with all the
sensory completeness of real life. I learned about life, and I
learned about this woman."

Through this new type of communication, Drunvalo "saw and felt"
the Kogi woman's village in the Amazon jungle and "met" her
husband, family and other native peoples from her village. He
also learned why the Kogi came to teach him this new form of
communication. The Kogi have a gift for humanity. The Kogi are
contacting humanity at this time in order to teach this new
powerful way of direct communication through image-producing
heart sounds. "The Kogi want me to teach this new way of "
talking" to the civilized world," Drunvalo shares. "The teaching
of this telepathic form of communication is older than language.
In the time before language, all of humanity 'spoke' in this way
from the heart, not only to each other, but to all of the
animals and the rest of life."

Gift of the Kogi

After learning how to "speak" through heart sound imagery,
Drunvalo discovered this intimate form of communication with the
Kogi woman had a profound impact on his relationship and
feelings for his wife. "When I returned home, I saw my wife in a
new light. I loved her in a way that was different, because I
could hear the sounds coming from her heart. I could see her
pain, and I could see her joy."

How the Kogi "See" People

Drunvalo shares, "The Kogi do not see us as 'sleeping' as many
of the Hindu and Oriental religions perceive us. The Kogi see us
as 'dead.' We are not alive, but only shadows of the energy we
could be. We do not have enough life force energy and
consciousness to be classified by them as real people."

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