UbidFast Auction opens for business offering safe and secure shopping for consumers.

The challenge for UbidFast is creating a successful auction shopping site with the looming monopoly in the industry. Most auction or shopping sites start with the dream to tap in the largest auction site's two billion dollar revenue. Ubid Fast is taking a different approach. We will work on the logistics of the site to make a secure shopping experience for our visitors.

When we researched what clients wanted out of a marketplace we realized quickly that the average shopper and seller are losing their marketability on the larger auction sites. Our competition works with larger clients. These clients can pay the higher prices and still under price the small to medium size businesses on the Internet. UbidFast has no plans to look for the larger clients. Sellers should benefit from a fair price to auction products/services without being priced out of the market. Shoppers will buy that hard to find item on UbidFast with out being redirected to the company paying the most money.

UbidFast offers choices for buyers and sellers for a secure shopping experience. The auction can utilize StormPay or PayPal for transactions between buyer and seller. We know offering a choice to our clients will give us an edge. The larger auction sites only offer one integrated solution for merchants. We will be actively searching for more options for our clients. We do not collect personal credit card information on the site.

UbidFast upgrades for this month:

Integration of a new look for the site and streamlined navigation

Integration of stores launch promo

In October Ubid Fast will have an online company profile in the USA Today Marketplace.

UbidFast is an effort by serveral companies:
Names USA- Owner Operator

US Commercial Sales INC

About the Author

Steven Leach, owner of Names USA, is the operator of Ubid Fast. Since 1999 Names USA has conducted business on the Internet. Based out of Ellington , CT , the company resided at the midpoint between Boston and New York City .

Steven Leach