Automotive Dealer Website Secrets - 7 Steps to Making Yours a Smashing Success

Developing your own automotive dealer website can be significantly easier if you are privy to some secrets that will make your website an immediate success. Of course, you could start designing your automotive dealer website with no plan or goals and fail miserably. Or else, you could consider the following suggestions, mix them with your own ideas, and end up with an amazingly successful automotive dealer website that you can be proud of... and above all, one that will make you money. Read the following steps to ensure that your website is as profitable as possible.

Step #1 New classified ads
To keep your website fresh at all times with new information for visitors you should have a section on classified ads. These can be from your inventory, or on consignment from dealers or individuals. Regardless of the source, new classified listings will keep people coming back on a regular basis to see what kind of vehicles you have for sale.

Step #2 Photo Gallery
Make sure you have a photo gallery of all the cars you are selling. If you have a vehicle for sale and no photo, do not list it until you have a photo. Listing inventory for sale without photos makes customers frustrated and they probably won't want to return to your site. If you do list a vehicle without a picture, be prepared to answer lots of time-consuming emails about that particular vehicle.

Step #3 Articles
Another interesting section of your web page should include articles on vehicles, new car of the year, best old car, whatever topic you believe your customers would be interested in. Informative articles will provide informative reading and yet another reason for customers to return.

Step #4 Chat Room or Forum
A chat room or forum is another thing you could include on your website. The reason for this is that it allows visitors to chat, talk about cars, the automotive industry, or simply share information. This is another aspect that will keep people returning to your site. The more traffic the better, so you should do everything you can to keep people coming back.

Step #5 Sales
If a vehicle on your website sells, you should immediately remove the listing. The reason for this is that if you do not let new visitors know what vehicles have sold and which ones have not, you will find yourself dealing with irate customers, and when you anger a customer in this way they probably won’t return.

Step #6 Dealers
Make a section on your website especially for dealers. It can be an area where they can share information, sell cars, manage their account and buy cars. Having an area solely for dealers allows you to fill another niche with you website and will boost sales activity.

Step #7 Parts
Selling parts is another great option for your website and one that will bring in extra money. When people buy cars they are always looking for extra parts and accessories, so make these available.

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