' The trusted resource' for Automotive Sales Consultants worldwide, a Success and Still Growing

Launched in 1994 the longest established online resource for Automotive Sales Consultants Techniques in Automotive Careers® (TAC) is the premier source of market intelligence and future product information for the automotive professional.

TAC is a single source Internet sales training company offering an arsenal of tools not typically available by a single company. We have assembled a fine collection of resources(a perfect starting point), provided a forum for assistance and recommends TAC's Group a place where you can have continuing dialogue within the Automotive Sales Fraternity on virtually any topic and TAC's Sales Training Blog services to connect & communicate with each other.

TAC's aim is to be the smartest, most useful site on the Internet... "We are committed to being 'the trusted resource' for Automotive Sales Consultants worldwide." said Gayle Bower Director of e-Marketing and Business Development and partnership strategies at TACpubUSA®® has made great strides on sales training and new car information over the last few years, and we have many more exciting additions to TAC's Sales Training Blogcoming down the pipeline in the future," said Gayle. "TAC's Sales Training Blog is a frequently updated and influential web site about the automotive industry--and sales training--that digital technology and distribution has made possible."

Q: What does TAC do to differentiate itself from other trade organizations or automotive organizations?

A: TAC is the sole voice representing the interests of international automotive sales consultants. Due to our narrow focus, we are able to put more energy into issues that impact Automotive Sales Consultants. The Difference Between Winners And Losers

Winners make decisions and take ACTION when they see an opportunity. They also follow the examples of other successful people because it's more efficient than learning the hard way. Winners don't make excuses and they never procrastinate. Losers will procrastinate or study a problem endlessly.

In today's highly competitive retail market, your customers have more information, more choices, and more power than ever before. As they become more sophisticated, the ways that you reach them should evolve as well.

Your first step is to get a copy of our book How To Succeed In The Automotive Industry "The Handbook For Automotive Sales Consultants." Necessary reading for anyone remotely connected to or interested in automotive sales training, it retains a readership whose loyalty to the title literally spans a decade. Read about it here - and BUY it!

And while our culture of thought leadership encourages us to explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies: delivering competitive advantage for your sales success.

We hope that this latest edition of our press release finds you safe and well. And as always, thank you for your interest in®.
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I.C.Collins, Founder & Author of "Techniques in Automotive Careers" also I.C. Collins Founder and Author of "How To Succeed In The Automotive Industry: The Handbook for Automotive Sales Consultants", The online resource for Automotive Sales Consultants and TAC's Sales Training Blog.

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