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A slider can be an effective pitch and is often easier to throw than a curve. Start slow and mix it up. Practice the slider gently and easily at first. Slowly build up speed over time. Never go through a pitching warm-up throwing only sliders. Mix up all your pitches for more balance and less risk of injury. We have the best youth basketball jersey and sports memorabilia. We have equipment used for hockey. Order Sports Illustrated for kids.

Practice - The best uniform way to practice throwing a slider is to throw it. But keep from throwing it too much because it puts your arm through a lot of wear and tear. Be careful with your arm, especially if you are a young player. Get sporting goods. Unlike breaking pitches, the change-up is easy on the arm. The best way to get comfortable with this pitch is to just throw it. Any time you are warming up or tossing with a friend, try the change-up. In no time, you should feel right at home with it on the collectible mound.

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