Ten Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

If several household members are sharing a bathroom, follow these tips to help organize it.

1. Clean out every drawer and shelf in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that isn't being used.

2. Move your medicines to the kitchen. The heat and steam in the bath can ruin them.

3. Give each household member a different colored basket to fill with toiletries. No sharing. Make sure everyone has their own toothpaste, eye drops, cosmetics and grooming supplies. Each person will keep the basket in his or her bedroom.

4. Evaluate your storage. You will need places for: towels, nail care, extra paper, feminine hygiene products,
hair care and back-up supplies of soap and shampoo. Nothing else belongs in the bathroom.

5. Use a shower/bath caddy for shampoo and soap. They are inexpensive and are available in many different styles.

6. Set up a drip-dry container for bath toys if you have small children. Cut slits in an empty wipes box for an
inexpensive solution.

7. Make space for a small, lidless hamper or laundry basket. Otherwise, have a system for depositing used
towels in the laundry room.

8. Use hooks instead of towel racks for kids. They'll be more likely to use them. Have as many hooks and/or
towel racks as you have persons using the bathroom.

9. Make a checklist of all products in your bathroom as well as those used by each individual. Review weekly before shopping.

10. Explore the variety of storage options you can use in the bath. Small countertop drawers can organize cotton
balls and Q-Tips. Cutlery trays in drawers, plastic shelves under the sink, caddies which attach to doors, and rolling carts can all contain the clutter that so often accumulates
in this much-used room.

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