The Beauty of VIdeo on Demand

Video on Demand is a system where television viewers can access movies anytime they please. The service allows you to select a program from a central server that you can then view at home from your own television. The benefit of Video on Demand is that you get access to a new release movie almost instantaneously. So why hasn't everyone switched over?

One of the reasons that everyone has not made the switch to video on demand is because it is hard to change. Some people just get stuck in the past and cannot move on. These people say to themselves, "but I like it this way and I understand it so why should I change?" This hesitant behavior to the new and unknown happened with the Internet, CDs, DVDs, and now with Video on Demand. People are stuck on their VCRs and cannot rid themselves of this old and useless technology that is no longer adequate in satisfying the consumer's needs. It is time to move on from the VCRs and go to the greener pastures of video on demand. Here are just three reasons why you need to switch if you have not already:

1. Video on Demand is more convenient. Video on Demand is much more convenient than your VCR. With your VCR, whenever you want to watch a new release movie you have to go all the way to the video store to get it. With Video on Demand, new release movies are available with a click of a button. You can choose what you want to watch and either download it onto the hard drive of a DVR or a computer or you can streamline it from the server. With Video on Demand, when you want to watch a movie you can watch it right then and there. With a VCR, there is a lot more waiting involved.

2. Video on Demand is a technology with great potential. Video on Demand allows you to watch better television. The quality of picture and sound is vastly better with 100% digital quality.
Also, right now you can store 100 hours of Video on Demand programming on you DVR. That is much better then having 50 VHS tapes lying around the house.

In addition, other uses for the Video on Demand technology are being found, including the ability to watch lectures from university classes. With this technology, you can watch your classes whenever you choose to and at whatever speed. This is already being done in several colleges in the nation. There is a great potential for the Video on Demand technology.

3. Video on Demand gives you freedom. On top of the usual fast forward, rewind, pause, play, stop functions that your VCR has, most Video on Demand systems allow you to skip ahead or skip back. Another additional feature is the choice of how fast to fast forward or rewind (2x, 4x, 16x, 300x, etc.). Video on Demand allows more freedom in your television viewing.

With all of these wonderful features, the only reason that you could possibly still not be convinced that it is time to switch from your VCR to Video on Demand is if you are still too scared of the change. Do not be scared just because it is not familiar to you. It is not that much more complicated than your VCR, an instruction manual or all your neighbors that have already made the switch will be able to answer whatever questions you might have. Do not miss out any longer on all the benefits that Video on Demand has to offer. Make the change today.

Kaitlin Carruth is a client account specialist with 10x Marketing- More Visitors. More Buyers. More Revenue. To learn more about Video on Demand, please visit I-Satellite.