Blackjack Terminology

The amount of money bet during a specific period of time.

The amount of money available which a player plans on betting during a given session.

Black Chip:
A $100 chip.

When the 1st two cards dealt are an Ace and either a 10, Jack, Queen or King card.

To go over 21 and bust.

Burn Card:
The first card in a new shoe which the dealer draws out and discards.

When the hand exceeds 21

Cut Card:
A colored plastic card which is given to the player by the dealer to cut the decks

Early Surrender:
When the player surrenders or gives up before the dealer checks his/her cards for a blackjack. In this situation, the player only loses 50% of the bet.

Face Cards:
The Jacks, Queens and Kings of the four suits.

Face Down Game:
When the player's first card is dealt up and the second card is dealt down.

Face Up Game:
When both of the players' first two cards are dealt up.

Flat Bet: When the player bets the same amount on every hand.

Green Chip:
A $25 chip.

Hard Hand:
A hand in which the Ace card is counted as a one and not as an eleven.

Head On:
When one player plays Blackjack with the dealer at a table.

When the player requests another card from the dealer.

Hole Card:
The first card which the dealer draws and places face down.

The Casino.

If the dealer's second card is an Ace, the player is given the opportunity to make a side bet (take out insurance) that the dealer's Hole card is a ten, which would be a Blackjack. In this situation, the player would only stand to lose 50% of the original bet if insurance is taken.

Two identical face cards or two identical numerical cards.

Pat Hand:
A hand with a total of 17 to 21

A tie between the dealer and player.

Red Chip:
A $5 chip.

Finalising the monetary outcome (be it a win, loss or push) of a bet.

The shoe shaped device from which the dealer draws out the cards before dealing them.

Shuffle Up:
When the dealer prematurely shuffles the cards in an effort to reduce the player's card counting ability.

Soft Hand:
A hand in which the Ace card is counted as an eleven and not as a one.

Split Hand:
When the player's two first cards are identical in value and he/she splits the hand into two and plays them separately.

Stand / Stay:
When the player declines another card from the dealer.

Stiff Hand:
A hand with a small chance of winning.

When the casino allows a player to discontinue play (before the dealer checks for blackjack) after receiving the 1st two cards by losing half of the amount wagered.

To tip the dealer.

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