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The Brand Called You:
“The Ultimate Brand-Building and Business Development
Handbook to Transform Anyone Into an Indispensable Personal
By Peter Montoya
Published by Personal Branding Press 2003
ISBN 0967450659
278 pages

What does it mean to consider yourself a brand? When Ralph
Lifshitz wanted to become a famous fashion designer, he
didn’t start by working 24 hours a day designing clothes.
The first thing he did was to change his name to Ralph
Lauren. Branding seeks to create a better perception. Not
a better product. So your role is to make the changes
necessary to create a better perception. The principles for
creating a “Personal Brand” are spelled out in great detail
in “The Brand Called You.” In this book, you will understand,
too, that it’s not enough “to understand the principles.”
What you will need further is the flexibility of mind to
actually adopt and use these principles.

This book is about more than helping you survive your first
year of business. It’s also about getting out of your
“survival mode” and turning your business into a consistent
profit-making venture. It’s about reaching the potential
you know your business has. Most of all, it’s about your
branding being as strong as your skills, and making more
money than you ever thought possible.

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