New Years Resolutions And Branding

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New Year's Resolutions
By Alyice Edrich
Copyright, 2005

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!! I hope you rang in the New Year with your loved ones and I pray that you had a wonderful time doing it.

As the New Year approaches, how do you plan to take your business to new heights? Will you cut out unproductive products, services, and marketing tactics? Will you finally have set hours? Will you advertise more and where? Will you hire extra help so you can concentrate on more important tasks?

What ever your goals are, make sure you take a week (maybe even a month) to contemplate the direction of your new business, do a little research, determine where you’ve been and where you want to go, and then actually write down a new business plan.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s also a good time to carve out a brand for your business.
What does your business promise its customers?
What one thing can your customers be sure to receive when they come to your business?
What makes your business stand out from your competitors?
What do you offer that is different and/or unique?
How can you capitalize on that?
Once you’ve determined your brand, it’s time to revamp your marketing materials to convey your brand. After all, your brand is your business identity.

To help you gain a little focus on determining your brand, think about these great companies:
Nike®…What is Nike about? How can you identity shoes and/or products that belong to Nike?

Coca-Cola®…How does it differentiate itself from Pepsi? Why is the color red always used?

Microsoft® Word…Other than being the uniform software program for PC’s what makes this the better writing program? What has Microsoft® done to build name recognition?

Amazon®…Why is it the largest online bookstore? What makes Amazon better when buying books online?
As you contemplate these questions, you’ll be better prepared to help develop a brand for your company.

About the Author

Alyice Edrich is the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours without joining an MLM or home party business. She is also the editor of The Dabbling– a national publication for BUSY parents (

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