Optimize Your Business: 7 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Computer

Copyright 2005 Keith Gloster

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever purchased a piece of software for your business which clained it could make your computer run faster only to discover that it hadn't?

Or, maybe you bought an optimizing software tool and the only thing that got optimized was your wallet!

Unfortunately, it turns out that most software of this type look at the problem from the wrong direction and only target one or two of the things you need to do. That's why they never seem to speed up your machine.

And even if they do speed up your computer the speed does not last because of other things that eventually slow your computer down again & make it ineffective.

As a matter of fact, many of the things needed to make a computer run better have nothing to do with speed or memory!

"In order to really make a computer run well you need to do several things that work together and form a complete computer speed system."

Here are just a few "speed secrets" you can use right now to increase the speed and performance of your Windows XP system:

Secret 1 Graphics take up tons of memory on the Windows system. Much of the stuff that is being done with the graphics settings goes unseen. You can gain a ton of speed just by making this one change.

To change your graphics Settings:

Click on Start
Control Panel
then open System
select Advanced
and click Performance Settings
then click Visual Effects

Click on custom and reset some of the graphics manually or use the available Windows default settings that are less of a memory burden.

Secret 2 Improve your startup & boot time speed. My programmer assures me there is a way to do this but I cannot understand it. This also improves your computer experience because installing new programs and upgrading programs always requires a reboot. You may need to hire a programmer to do this for you.

Secret 3 Memory optimization using the paging file or virtual memory is the secret to more RAM. If you find your computer trashing the hard drive quite often, this is a sign of bad virtual file management (it can also be a sign that you don't have enough RAM, the more the better, always!).

To change your Virtual Memory Settings:

click on Start
Control Panel
then open System
Select Advanced
and click Performance Settings
then click Advanced
and look at Virtual Memory
then click Change
Select a drive and select custom

Confirm the proper drive is selected and reset the minimum.

Secret 4 Improve internet connection speed and internet bandwidth speed by adjusting your maximum transmission unit. Better known as MTU. Don't try to do this one yourself. Have an expert programmer do it because it can only be done from the registry.

Secret 5 System Restore takes up lots of memory in it's default settings. You can lower the settings to the bare minimum and still be able to restore your computer if needed.

Here is where to find it:
Head to Start
Select Control Panel
Select System
Select System Restore Tab
select a hard drive
go to settings and move tab to desired level

Secret 6 You can disable and stop the Indexing Service if it is running and gain speed and memory.

here is how:

Head to Start
Select Control Panel
Select Performance and Maintenance
Select Administrator Tools
Select Services
Select "Indexing Service" (Double Click)
Select General Tab
In the Startup type: select "Disabled"
Select the Ok button to close the panel

By implementing a complete computer speed system for your business computer, you will extend the life of your computer, increase productivity and avoid downtime due to unpredictable computer crashes.

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