Camping And The Right Kind Of Tent

Campers all over the globe prefer to use tents in their camping trips. With so many different kinds of tents available in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the type of tent which is suitable for your needs. This article describes the essential criteria that you should look in a tent when going in for your next camping trip.


No matter what you have heard of, size does matters! Typically tents are advertised as 2 person tents, 4 person, 6 person and so on which means that there is a room for a maximum of 2, 4 and 6 person in the tent. But buying a 4 person tent for a group of 4 people is not a very good idea.

While a maximum of 4 people can accommodate in a 4 person tent but the comfort level of these 4 people is not very good due to the space constraints. It is advisable to buy a tent that is advertised as 2* number of group members using the tent. So if you are traveling with a partner, then you might want to buy a 4 berth tent as it will provide good comfort for just 2 people.

High End Vs Low End

Markets are full of different kind of tents; some of them are pretty expensive while others are quite cheap. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose from the high priced tagged from those low end tents. The simple solution for this problem is to judge your frequency of camping and then choose the right type of tent.

So if you are a frequent camper and love to go out often, even in bad weather, then you might want to buy a high priced tent that is durable and more comfortable than most of the tents available in the market. On the other hand, if you are an occasional camper who moves out once in a while then it will not be good to invest a considerable amount in buying the tent and you may go for any of those cheap alternatives available in the market.


Modern day tent are equipped with a number of additional features that can turn your camping experience into truly memorable one. If you are going to buy new tents then you might want to look out for features such as roof vent, rain protection, strong stakes and heavy duty zippers.

Roof vent are used to provide an extra path for circulation so that the level of oxygen inside the tents keeps on a healthy level. This is very usable if you have kids in the tent and if the camping is done in hot weather.

Similarly looking out for good and strong stakes will help you much in a storm like condition where weak sakes easily breaks down. Most of the high end tents comes with heavy duty zippers that last long enough but you have to be extra cautious while going in for those cheap tents as quality of zippers is quite low.

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