Parent Cautions: Summer Camps Can Value Money Over Kids Health

Parent Cautions: Summer Camps Can Value Money Over Kids Health

After his 11 year old daughter ended up in a regional hospital this past summer, a concerned parent has launched in an attempt to educate parents about summer camps that can value money over children's welfare.

Rob Frankel, a Southern California based consultant, sent his children to Camp Keystone, in Agoura Hills, California, for summer day camp. In her first days there, his daughter displayed symptoms that required hospitalization - including faintness, loss of feeling in her extremities and slurred speech. As he was rushing to the scene, Frankel ordered the hospital to send for an ambulance.

What happened next continues to amaze him.

"Camp Keystone sent my 11 year daughter to a strange hospital in an ambulance all by herself," says Frankel. "They didn't send anyone along with her." Worse yet, he says, her two brothers were traumatized as they watched the confusion. The camp administration never bothered to call or check in until much later in the evening, when an employee happened to call - on his own time.

"None of my kids want to ever go back to Camp Keystone. They're too scared," adds Frankel, "Camp Keystone refuses to refund our money, which amounts to thousands of dollars." Frankel is currently pursuing litigation against Camp Keystone.

As to the camp's medical qualifications, Frankel won't publicly comment, but advises parents to thoroughly compare a camp's claims of child welfare versus their true capabilities.

"What they don't put in the brochure is what you have to watch out for," adds Frankel.

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