Summer Camp Care Packages

Every summer our daughter goes to summer camp. She looks forward
to it every year. I can't believe next summer will be her last
opportunity to go to camp before she goes off to college.

Our daughter started going to summer camp when she was in middle
school and has gone every year since. She finally graduated from
camper and kitchen help to camp counselor this year. Every year I
send her a care package with candy and other treats and she
always looks forward to receiving it.

Our daughter just returned from spending two weeks on a ministry
trip to Honduras, was home for one day, and then is going off to
church camp for a week. I knew we wouldn't have much time to talk
between trips, so I decided to write letters to her to send to
her at camp.

I wrote to her about some of my day-to-day activities and about
what she was missing in the news. I wrote about Hurricane Dennis
and how worried I was for her so far away from home. I told her
she was always in my prayers and how much I missed her.

Just in the two weeks she was gone she missed her baby brother's
hair falling out and her brothers' first colds. I knew she missed
her baby brothers very much and missed their baby hugs and
kisses. I told her about what they were doing and that they
missed her too.

Because we like to spend a lot of time talking about our
spiritual lives, I shared with her what I had been learning in my
daily devotions and shared what my prayers were for her.

I wrote three letters to my daughter to open on different days
and included pictures of her brothers that she likes to carry
around with her wherever she goes. I packaged up the letters with
some candy and sent her care package off to her today.

If you decide to write to your child at camp, here are a few

* If your children are young and this is their first time away
from home, make sure to send several letters to let them know
you're thinking about them and that you miss them.

* Have other family members write to your child also. Kids love
to receive mail.

* If you have a child who would be embarrassed by letters from
home, just send a care package with some of their favorite candy
or other small items. One year I sent my daughter a pair of
Sponge Bob boxer briefs, and they were the hit of the camp.

* Be creative with your packing. You can use a 2-liter pop bottle
as a mailing container. Cut a slit in the side to place items in
it and then tape over the slit. The kids will get a kick out of
seeing what's in the bottle.

* Depending on how long it takes the mail to get to the camp or
how long your child will be gone, you may have to mail the
package the day your child leaves, or even before they leave.

* If you know any of the other kids at camp, like your child's
closest friends, don't be afraid to send them a note or treat
too. I often send thinking-of-you cards to some of my daughter's
friends, and I know they love receiving mail from people other
than their parents.

In this day and age, letter writing is becoming a dying art. If
my daughter keeps the letters I wrote her someday they will be a
special keepsake for her, capturing an exciting time in her life.

We don't always take the time to do little things for our kids or
tell them how we feel about them. Writing to them at camp is a
great way to keep in touch with them while also sending them a
welcome treat.

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