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Timberland shoes and boots are relative newcomers to the footwear scene, when you consider the history of this type of footwear.

The oldest known evidence of boots comes from a clay impression in Ancient Syria, while cave paintings in Spain, which date back as far as 15,000B.C. show a man in boots of skin and a female in boots of fur. More modern evidence was uncovered in an Egyptian tomb circa 2000B.C.

One of the peculiarities of boots, is that they were a necessity, and at the same time, a fashion statement, even in the relatively rough early periods of modern man. Peasants wore whatever they could cobble together, while even in the 16th century, men of means wore highly decorative boots that were useless for all practical purposes. Somewhere during that era in history, even leather guilds that crafted boots for gentlemen, realized that something heavier and more durable was needed for such activities as riding.

But more changes were in store, before Timberland boots arrived on the scene. The longer, mid-calf boot that was popular until the 19th century, gave way to shorter styles worn with spats. As the 20th century rolled on, the blutcher army boot served as a precursor to today’s recreational boot. These were quickly followed by the canvas boot worn by baseball players in the 1930s, biker boots from the 50s, chukka boots in the 60s, and in 1975, Timberland shoes and boots became part of American lexicon.

Today, Timberland produces a wide range of lower cut shoes, and higher cut boots for dress and casual wear, all with the same rugged durability.

Timberland Shoes
In just the styles and colors you’ll want most to go with your casual and dress up wardrobe. Timberland manufactures a line of shoes that meet the demands of an active man’s life, for both pleasure and business. Choose a slip-on or lace-up style, with uppers made of waterproof premium leather, or padded for your comfort. The interior of Timberland shoes feature removable orthotic insoles, and climate control lining, all mounted on an outer sole of dual or multi density, surface gripping, or superior traction, according to your choice. Models include Timberland Montgomery Bay shoes, Madison Summit, Carslbad and Timberland Shavaro shoes for men.

Timberland Boots
An outstanding combination of ruggedness and style, Timberland boots are made with uppers suited to the activity. Whether you require a light padding, or Thermolite insulation for year round wear, you’re guaranteed of premium, full-grain leather. Timberland’s insoles are cushioned and removable or multi-density orthotic, with some styles having a midsole EVA for lightweight cushioning. Outer soles are made from rubber/polyurethane and Timberland’s proprietary Trail-Grip ™ rubber. Get what you need to keep yourself on solid footing with Timberland Euro hikers for men, Palomas boots, White Ledge boots, Trail Seeker boots, Canard Mid boots, and Timberland Canard Low boots.

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