Where to find a complete list of Used Cars?

I recently was at a site online and it had a used cars section. I thought it might be a good source to try and find some used cars, since I'm in the market. Perusing through the used car section, I noticed they online had 2 pages of used cars! 2…pages…!

When you're searching for a used car, you want to be able to find a complete list of used cars from every corner of whatever country you live in. I'm in the US, so naturally (or un-naturally) I want to see used cars from Dells, Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, not everyone that has a website online can put together such a monstrous list of information.

Then, I found Now, this is the kind of site that if you're looking a used car from around the US, you're likely to acquire it from here. They pull their listings of used cars from several different sites, making a grand central station of used cars ( ) for me to salivate upon; a feast for my eyes, if you will.

Some other great features about this site are the ability to show pictures, road tests, and articles on several models. This is the kind of raw information we need to make educated decisions on automotive purchases. The articles/road tests are well written, un-biased lines of text outlining what makes this vehicle good, bad or ugly.

Now, to switch gears just a taste, if you're feeling like a used car just isn't the quality auto you want to be seen by your wife/kids/neighbors/girlfriend (or insert anything else here) then has links to sites that will take your willingness to explore a new car and send your free quote to a qualified dealership around your area. I have 3 words…A-Maz-Ing.

Stop by and check it out for yourself. I'm just writing about my own experiences. You might be different, but if you find everything you're looking for and more at that site, please blame me. I don't mind being blamed.
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