Why do people use their cars as ashtrays?

I work on cars for a living as my day job and it always astounds me that people will actually flick cigarette ash on the floor of a $60`000 vehicle. There are people whom i know that live in homes that are worth less than $60`000 and sometimes it just disgusts me. As a non smoker i have to get into these cars to move them and they smell and have burns in the seats and carpet.

Anyway,, enough of all that. I was working on a ferrari today which was a bit of a treat becuse i normally work on trucks and mpv`s becuse obviously in the rural area i live in there is a bit of a shortage of luxury cars. It turns out that the owner is staying in town for a while and his service light came on so he brought it to us. Obviously a townie becuse he expected it to be fixed in the same day but it will take us three days to get the parts as there is bot much call for stiocking ferrari parts where we live. I had to take it for a test drive to warm the oil up slighly before i took the sump plug out and i can really see why people drive them now. I went round a roundabout and it was so nice to go round it that i decided to go round again.

I couldnt imagine going on a long trip in it becuse of the hard ride but it is the thing that people dream about for a weekend car and i can see now ehy becuse it really was a true driving experience. It switched a light on inside me and i have been looking round for a crashed up ferrari or some kind of high performance executive car that has either fallen into neglect or which has been a repo.

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