Avoid the biggest Online Casino Gambling Mistake - Trying To Win Back Your Losses

Online Casino Gamblers know gambling is risk taking, investing in the probability of an outcome that is yet to be determined.

Experienced gamblers often believe they have developed an intuitive instinct that guides them through their decisions about wagers, card playing, and when it's time to quit.
It's great to have a winning streak where you believe your instincts can be trusted as you follow them. What about when instincts are wrong?

What about when you know it would be best to walk away with your present winnings, but something in you wants you to stay and win back previous losses? This is where your desire and your instinct blur.

Suppose you lost $500 at playing online blackjack table today and after kicking yourself for the loss you tempt fate again a few hours later. So in the next session you are up $200 from your starting bankroll of $200. You could hit the online casino exit button right then with $400 in your pocket but you remember your earlier losses of $500. You have a desire to stay and win back earlier losses.

The desire to regain the earlier losses clouds your 'instincts' and you, without thought, strive to win your losses back. This is a mistake that experienced gamblers learn to avoid.

Most skilled gamblers begin their online casino gambling sessions at a psychological zero, meaning no wins or losses. This should be remembered anytime you begin to feel an urge to regain past losses.

Walk away a winner, and forget past losses. You are only likely to dig a bigger hole for yourself.

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Ryan D. has been involved in the online casino and online gambling fields for over 6 years as an operator, marketer and consultant. He can be contacted via his website at Online Gambling

Ryan D.