Unique Cat Urns Aren't That Difficult to Find

Are you looking for an urn for your catís cremains? Perhaps something a little more unique than simply a wooden box is what you want. If so, we can help. Weíve done lots of research all over the internet to find the nicest and most unique cat urns on the market today. This article will describe a few that weíve found to give you an idea of whatís available. When youíre finished reading, please visit our Pet Urns page for more details on where you can find the products we mention.

One of my favorites is a take off on the traditional boxy urn. You can choose from 3 different wood colors (real wood) and thereís also a little plaque that goes on the front that can include up to 3 lines of text. The nicest part of it is the cat figurine affixed to the top of the box. There are several breeds, colors and positions to choose from so you will be able to have a reasonable likeness of your cat.

Another option is a ceramic cat urn. Available in black or white, standing, sleeping or resting and large enough to accommodate your petís remains itís a beautiful addition to any home. Itís definitely unique. And no one need know what it represents to you if thatís the way you prefer it.

If you would prefer an outdoor reminder for your garden, you can purchase a rock urn. Itís made of synthetic materials with granite flakes on the outside. Designed with all different kinds of weather in mind, it can be a permanent fixture outdoors Ė or you can place it indoors if you prefer.

I hope that gives you a better idea of whatís available in terms of unique cat urns, and that you find the perfect one for you and your pet.

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