Elvis Has Left the Building but Elvis is NOT Dead

Elvis has been spotted at hamburger joints just about all over the US. Lately he has been seen in different parts of the world. He was spotted in Eastern Europe. Elvis was spotted in Russia at a sidewalk cafe. In Romania Elvis was spotted in an internet cafe emailing some of his girlfriends from around the world. In Hungary he has a young buddy named Andrew whose handle on the internet is Red Priest . (Seems Elvis has learned how to use the internet!!! In the Dominican Republic he was seen talking to his favorite internet celebrity Elvis Preston King. Elvis Preston King is the world’s number 1 playboy on earth. Elvis Aaron Presley is fascinated with how a guy who is not famous can lay all those girls!

If you look close you can see he is Elvis. He has new trick to hide his identity. He has let his hair grow out to its natural dirty blonde color which is now mostly all gray. Then he high lights it with a golden blonde color. Oh and he has also lost some weight he has dropped back to about 220 pounds but age is taking it’s toll on Elvis Aaron Presley. Oh yes he is pissed off about that. But he loves his life WITHOUT fame. He goes on cruises. He goes to the movies. He goes to amusement parks and he has lots of girlfriends that Elvis Preston King has set him up with! You might not know it, but Elvis Aaron Presley is a little shy and Elvis Preston King is just the compliment Elvis Aaron Presley needs. They get a long great and they are getting laid every day. Well Elvis Aaron Presley has to take a day off once in a while because he still likes an occasional peanut butter and banana sandwich fried Caribbean style. Consequently the cholesterol in his blood makes him gasp for air. He is mostly off from the prescriptions he use to take because Elvis Preston King has shared a few of his power-foods with Elvis Aaron Presley which are still kind of fattening but that are loaded with Power for sexual gusto. Elvis Preston King also has some tropical sweet fruit drinks that Elvis Presley likes. Elvis Preston King also has Elvis Aaron Presley on his Oatmeal and whole wheat breakfast topped with blueberries, walnuts, almonds, peanuts with just a dash of chocolate syrup and honey. That makes both Kings fat, happy campers for breakfast any way.

Elvis and Elvis have planned a trip to Toronto Canada where the two Elvis’s have some fun planned. They plan to dress up in Elvis clothes and go around town in Elvis King’s Rolls Royce limo and if anyone gets to pushy about if he really is Elvis of course we will both claim to be JUST Elvis impersonators. Long live the Kings. Elvis Aaron Presley and Elvis Preston King. This article was written with the permission of a man who claims to be Elvis Aaron Presley and I firmly believe that he is Elvis! The true and real KING….Sincerely, Elvis Preston King. PS Elvis says hi to the world and thank you very much.

About the Author

Elvis Preston King is the world’s most renowned and respected playboy. His job is picking up and seducing classy young women globally for the gentleman conoseiur who realizes that there is more to life than just accumulating money and the same old same old boring wife. You can email him at or visit and

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