How a Cellphone can save your life!

Hi my name is Wendy and one night I left work and on my way home about 8:30 pm. I had reached the top of my hill and realized that a HUGE FIRE broke out in my neighbors home. The smoke was so thick it was overwhelming me inside my car on the street. I was the only person on the seen and grab my Cellphone and called 911. Then proceeded to drive past the house with flames. It was so HOT to get by I had to put the window up!
Well I got to a safe spot and got out. I met a friend who just walked up me. I said, "Patty, should I go in or yell for anyone?" I just can't stand here, knowing people may be inside! But realize it was to late to go into the house.

Patty and I didn't know all the people got out of the house safely. The fire broke out when a tenant left a hot iron on. The cat knocked it over, when the person went to work. The smoke and flames was so bad. I went home and closed all the windows which was 6 homes down. This house was old and had shingle material which I think has hazardous chemicals when the flames broke out.

The fireman then arrived! Thank god for them.

The moral of my story is to have a Cellphone for any emergency. Whether it be a Fire, Accident, Rape, Attack or stuck on the thruway.

About the Author

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2003-04, Wendy Cali