Taking Back Control Of Your Cell Phone!

When I opened up the bill I lapsed into what could only be described as shock.

Calmly and without saying a word, I meticulously began auditing the document with a subtle yet very real sense of rage building from within. Concluding that the statement was indeed accurate and determined to never let this happen again, I went down to the local outlet and proceeded to inform the representative that I would no longer be needing their services.

Smiling and remaining completely cool, the guy told me what we have all heard at one time or another when dealing with our cell phone provider: “You realize that you are still under contract and that there will be a penalty for canceling service with us.”

Four hundred dollars later (200 hundred for the bill and another 200 for canceling the contract), I walked out of the store and thought to myself I would never get another cell phones!

But, like it or not, I ultimately discovered that I simply could not do this. I had come to honestly need a cell phone, be it for my work or just in case of an emergency, I simply could not do without one.

As I began the nightmare of comparing services it soon became clear that I could not escape the service contract and that all of these companies had plans that were mind-boggling in their complexity if you really took the time to examine them. And then, I found the answer—pre-paid minutes!

It really is the only solution! Why should I play Russian roulette every month with my cell phone bill? Keeping track of whenever, weekend, and unlimited minutes is a complete nightmare! No matter what plan you choose or what company you go with you still end up going over the minutes and end up paying $.40/minute or more for those extra minutes!

It is nothing short of insanity and why should we be locked into some contract when the minute you sign one, another company offers your exact same plan or one better for less?

And if you are thinking that it is a hassle to go and buy those little pre-paid minute cards—don’t! I can jump online any time I choose and purchase the minutes and activate them at the same time in the same amount of time it used to take me to pay my cell phone bill via electronic payment!

So if you are tired of the game, the credit checks, the cancellation fees and especially fed up with keeping track of how many minutes you are using—do what I did and take back control of your cell phone and buy pre-paid minutes today!

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No More Contracts:

Vic Damone