Chocolate Bliss. Bodybuilding, bodyshaping and Fitness Walking nutrition.

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Chocolate Bliss. Bodybuilding, bodyshaping and Fitness Walking nutrition.

You have been on your crusade to shed your layer of cellulite by watching your nutrition needs. You have been training hard in the gym bodybuilding, bodyshaping and putting the elasticity back into your muscles. You diligently had been Fitness Walking to burn the fat. You canít believe how much better you feel about yourself both physically and mentally. If you can have some chocolate bliss it would be a perfect world. Well now you can.

You are probably telling yourself, hey Nature Boy, did you slip on some deer dung in the wild and hit your head on an Oak stump. No I didnít. Excuse me, it was a White Pine.

First lets start with the ingredient list
1, A box of chocolate sugar free, fat free instant pudding.
2, A chocolate whey protein. (I use Optimum 100% Whey Protein) Whey protein mixes easily.

Thatís it!

So simple. Just mix a scoop of whey protein into a serving of the instant chocolate pudding. You can add a sliced banana to it and still keep it low in carbohydrates. The fruit will add natural fiber and other nutrients.

As a bodybuilding treat, this will help you keep in a positive nitrogen balance.

Nitrogen balance needs; As a bodybuilder you would like to stay in a positive nitrogen balance to ensure growth. A negative balance will make the body cannibalize muscle tissue to feed the muscles you just worked. A bad thing if you want growth. Nitrogen from protein is the best way of receiving it. Egg and milk products naturally high in nitrogen. Whey protein is excellent.

The blissful stats:

Total calories-145
Fat grams-1.5
Carbohydrates grams-10, 1 gram as sugar
Protein grams-23

Well you have to pardon me. My head hurts from hitting it on that White Pine stump. Enjoy your chocolate bliss.
Jeopardizing your health is the last thing Nature Boy wants. Please check with your doctor before starting a fitness program. We want to make this a healthy start to a better lifestyle.
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