How to Eat a Little Chocolate at a Time

Learn to Eat a Small Bit of Chocolate Not the Whole Vat

If you'd like to learn how to obtain quality chocolate, put it in
a drawer and forget it's there, learn to use EFT and NLP
techniques to conquer your emotional eating. That's what I've
done, and it's such a freeing thing to be able to feel right with
the world, be happy with myself, my shape, and not feel
controlled by something like food. I eat what I want, but I do
make an effort to make good choices (usually). For example, last
night I baked a cake I made on Easter and totally loved (Better
than Sex cake). This thing is nothing more than yellow cake,
vanilla pudding and tons of whipped cream - not exactly diet
fare, but when I can't get a certain food out of my head, I
usually either make it or go and get it, and then totally enjoy
it. That's what I mean when I said I eat what I want. So today, I
have an entire cake in my refrigerator.

Did I have a piece of cake for breakfast? No. My husband bought
me some fresh local raspberries at the Farmer's Market yesterday,
and I wanted them so I had some on my cereal this morning. The
cake sits and waits. When I was in the kitchen I noted the
remnants of last night's grocery shopping. I saw a huge,
individually wrapped cinnamon roll on the counter. I just "knew"
I was going to want to eat something sweet last night since
baking the cake was bound to make me crazy so I'd in anticipation
of future hunger I bought the following:

One Giant cinnamon roll from Sarah's Bakery. (Oops, I weighed
this bad boy and it's 15.5 Oz! Almost a pound of dough and sugar
- oh my). Small container of Scharffen Berger chocolates. This
little clear box comes with 12 squares equalling 2.1 Oz.
Individually wrapped. I put them in the drawer. A dozen of my
favorite shortbread cookies which I put in a drawer in the
kitchen. My husband will eat them if he sees them, so unless he
says something about "wanting something sweet" I wait to let him
know they are there. While watching a movie last night (Friday
night ritual) I did start to get sort of hungry so I thought
about what to do about it. I recalled how I'm feeling much better
lately, getting back to a regular routine of exercise, and I just
didn't feel like eating a lot of cookies. Yes, they were there,
but I just wasn't in the mood to eat them. I had a pang of
hunger, but I wasn't really hungry, it was nearly midnight for
crying out loud!

So, I ate one of those chocolate squares - remember, they're
pretty small right? Well I ate it in four bites, letting the
chocolate melt in my mouth. I take my time with chocolates and
they satisfy me so much more than just popping it in my mouth,
chewing twice and swallowing. I'm not in a hurry to get it over

Discovering Lost Candy

This morning I checked my body fat and it just happens I keep my
Omron Body Fat Analyzer in the closet on top of a leftover
chocolates box from last Christmas. I decided to look inside the
box since I thought there was one of those chocolates still
leftover and I was surprised to find two of those Christmas
chocolates in there (Joseph Schmidt truffles - some of my
favorites) and about eight squares of that very same chocolate I
bought yesterday (Scharffen Berger). I forgot they were there.

So, you see, I handle my cravings by buying the foods I want,
then putting them away and maybe eating them, maybe not. For me
it's the need to know I can have what I want - and keeping
something nearby in case of emergencies. I also know if I leave
things out where I'll see them, I'm much more likely to decide to
have some, so I put them away. For you it may be different. Some
of you won't want anything tempting in the house. That's okay
too. We're all different. The only way you'll discover how you
are is to tackle those emotional issues - the reasons you think
you can't stop eating after a handful or two; the reasons you
feel like it's out of your control, or not your decision how much
you eat, when you eat or what you eat.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to buy your favorite food and
leave it in a drawer long enough to forget it's even there?
That's what it's like to not have an eating problem, and that
comes from giving yourself permission to enjoy food. You are
worthy, you do deserve to be happy.

My methods can help--I know because they've worked for me, and I
truly have had a sweet tooth since I was a child. I used to eat
bag after bag of candy--I once had 11 cavities in one dentist
visit! You can learn to enjoy a bit of chocolate too.

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