Making the Most of Your Kids Clothes

 Nothing is more fun then dressing children; finding just the perfect unique outfit to compliment their adorable faces. But as fast as you buy kid's clothes, it seems the faster they grow out of them. Many popular designers are starting to take this into consideration when they design their kid’s clothes. Some are putting elastic inside the waistline with buttons that can be loosened as your child grows and expands. They are also adding buttons on the legs to allow pants to be rolled up and down depending on your child’s height and the pants look really cute. No matter what style you look for there are some ways to make sure your children’s clothes grow with them and last.

- Elastic waistbands – Even though your child may be growing, they may still not be ready to move into the next size height wise. Buying pants with elastic waists ensure there will be room to grow without having to go up a size.

- Go long – For little girls, some pants can actually look adorable as they grow taller by being used as Capri pants. If the waist still fits just readapt the pants to be worn as Capri pants or depending on the weather, go even shorter and make them into shorts.

- Tie Dye! – Don’t fret because those pants and shirts have stains, just tie dye it. This year tie dye is big in children’s fashions. Tie Dye creates unique kids clothes so if the clothes still fit just change the look a little and get lot’s more use from it.

No matter what you do though, they are eventually going to grow out of their clothes. Instead of just tossing the old ones, you may want to consider bringing them to a consignment shop. This is a great way to earn a little money back so you can go do more shopping for clothes for the children.

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