Tips For College Students In Choosing a Major and or Minor!

Freshman in the first year of college in general are not sure of the major they want to pursue. So here are some ideals for choosing your major.

Try to pinpoint a major that you would like to pursue in college by the time you are in the ninth grade. I know this is early but earlier the better. Some say earlier.

Talk with counselors at your middle or high school for added support in this area and do your own reserach as to what the job market may be when you graduate from high school and college, this may assist in your choice.

Choose a college that has the program you are looking for.

Once on campus and your mind is still not made up, found or select a professor(s) that instruct classes in the area you chose and inquire about what classes are needed in the particular area of study, example and advance degree, math, science, biology or special training and the like.

Speak with individuals who are currently in this career and find out as much informations as possible to see if this area is really were you want to be.

Prepare yourself to be diversified, because most business are looking for well rounded candidates.

Connect with your campus career advisement office for additional help in choice of majors, rememberyou are looking for a career not a job.

Finally, be prudent in your choice, make sure this is the area of pursuit. Time is valuable not to be wasted.

About The Author

Robert Crawford III
Advisor/Consultant/PhD student

Robert Crawford III