Gaming Computers and Computer Modding

Gaming Computers and Computer Modding

Gamers are a breed apart. They love their machines more than normal computer users. And often their computers make the regular desktop computer look like something from a 1950s sci-fi movie.

LAN parties introduced a communal computing scenario which got gamers thinking that their beige or plain black computer cases could use some modding.

I mean, with all the power these guys are bringing to the party, the outside should scream "POWER" as much as the inside, right? Thus began the age of computer modding with all kinds of radical, funny, and mostly function-less cosmetic displays of the gamer's personality.

And to keep up with their buddies, gamers and other power users have gone to great lengths to modify their computer cases to one-up their friends. From radical LED light usage in the case and keyboards to see-through windows that expose the motherboard and internal mods for all to see, gamers have a wide array of choices when modifying their computer cases these days.

Rather than doing everything yourself, you can get a good start on modding your computer by buying a case that already has a radical design and features that you can add to for a totally unique look.

Many case upgrades come with acryllic windows, a wide range of colors (not beige!), and matching keyboards and mice. With LEDs you can light your case in many ways and also light your mouse, keyboard, and even your fans without adding to the heat factor inside your computer case.

Fan lighting is a crazy science unto itself. You can array LEDs to make your fan emit a solid color of light or even a rainbow effect with three or more different LED colors.

Using LEDs inside the case can emit any color glow available through the plastic window giving your computer case an Area 51 nuclear glow.

Today's radical computer cases come in elegant designs to crazy alien designs and everything in between. There is enough choice out there to match your personality and style so that you can put the cherry on top of your bad boy CPU.

The hardest part is choosing which killer computer case design to start with. With so many choices, it's hard to decide what computer case look you really want to express the power inside!
--- Paul LoIacono is the president and owner of ATX Cases. You can see a wild array of computer case shapes, sizes and designs by visiting

Paul LoIocano