Texas Cooking

The two girls met sometime ago at a much earlier age. They knew right away that they would become friends, if not the best of friends. Time passed and they would see each other at family functions and learn much about each other. Then one day, they both ended up in the same town at the same time. Their friendship then grew by leaps and bounds. They discovered they shared the same date of birth; they each had two children (One had two boys and the other had two girls). They also realized that they shared the same likes and dislikes and could almost finish each otherís sentences. The opportunity arose where they both worked in the same office, and low and behold they would show up on Monday morning and both of them shared similar thoughts of an idea they could have or should have done over the weekend. They looked a lot alike and were always taken for sisters, not the cousins-in-law they were. So, this is how they got started in collaborating on a recipe project that would eventually grow to a cookbook of their favorite recipes.

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About the Author

Two Cousins have now released their premier cookbook title "Simple Desserts".

Two Cousins