10 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Going to a Halloween party as a couple? Here's some Halloween costume ideas that are sure to help you make a splash.

Mask of Zorro

Him: Bandido - black cape, black pants, black hat, black eye mask, black boots, black or white shirt, fake sword.

Her: Senorita - long dress with ruffled skirt bottom or peasant blouse and skirt with ruffled bottom, black lace veil headpiece, high heels or granny boots, fancy fan.

He-Man and the Veiled Beauty

Him: Hercules - tunic, flowing cape, sandals, fake body armor, armbands, long hair wig, fake sword.

Her: Belly Dancer - belly dancer outfit, sandals, costume jewelry. Alternative: Genie outfit

Wild West

Him: Gunslinger - white shirt, brown vest, long dark coat, red bandana (wrap around neck), cowboy hat, cowboy boots, holster and fake gun.

Her: Saloon Girl - Saloon girl outfit

Roaring 20s

Him: Old Style (20s era) Gangster - long, dark or pinstriped coat, dark or pinstriped pants, dark shirt, skinny light color tie, 20s era black hat, dark shoes or chaps.

Her: Flapper Girl - flapper dress, sparkly headband or headband with feather, stockings, pumps, colorful pearls or costume jewelry.

Rock n' Hop

Him: Fifties Greaser - black leather jacket, black t-shirt, jeans (bottoms rolled up), black loafers, white socks, dark sunglasses, small black fine tooth comb (hair is slicked back or in a pompador).

Her: Fifties Good Girl - poodle skirt or full skirt, blouse or short sleeve knit top, white bobby sox, black and white saddle shoes, pearls, hair barrettes (pull hair back in a pony tail and tie a scarf around it).

The Champs

Him: Male Boxer - silky style robe (use glitter paint to add your boxing name on back), boxing style shorts, boxing gloves, high top sneakers or boxing style shoes, makeup to create bruises (optional), baby oil (to make skin glisten), championship belt (optional).

Her: Female Boxer - silky style robe (use glitter paint to add your boxing name on back), boxing style shorts, sports top, boxing gloves, high top sneakers or boxing style shoes, baby oil (to make skin glisten), championship belt (optional).

Law and Order

Him: Convict - black and white prisoner outfit or orange jumpsuit, fake handcuffs.

Her: Cop - blue shirt, black pants, police cap, police badge, Billy club, handcuff key.

Hawaiian Vacation

Him: Tourist - loud Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals or sneakers, sunglasses, camera, flower lei.

Her: Hula Dancer - hula skirt, bikini top, flower lei, sandals, long black wig, flower for hair.

50s Legends

Him: Young Elvis - black leather jacket, black t-shirt or black and white striped t-shirt, black jeans, black loafers, white socks, sunglasses, hair should be slick and full, and a mini tape recorder with "Jailhouse Rock" (or "Hound Dog") pre-recorded to play your latest hit single for people.

Alternative Elvis look: 50s era rocker suit, tie, white bucks, sunglasses

Her: Marilyn Monroe - 50s starlet dress (or white Marilyn dress), pumps, platinum blond wig with Marilyn hairstyle, glam makeup to look like Marilyn, cubic zirconia diamond jewelry (optional).

60s A-Go-Go

Him: Hippie - bell bottom pants, tie-dyed shirt, head band, fringe vest, peace sign necklace or happy face button, long hair wig.

Her: Go Go Dancer - colorful 60s style mini skirt or dress, white or black knee high boots, flip hairstyle or bob cut wig, white gloves (optional).

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