Costumes! Do They Reflect On Your True Personality?

Costumes are a great way to escape reality, and wearing your favorite costume (especially on Halloween night) lets you transform your personality into your desired character of choice, and allows you to become someone else for a day!

Now do you wear the same Halloween outfit every year, or do you go against the norm, and choose something wild and crazy by adding outrageous makeup, wigs, and accessories! Well, let's have some fun and put your personality to the test, and see what you usually attract to in a costume design.

What I would like to do is break down some popular themes, and see what costume would appeal to which personality types:

Medieval Renaissance Costumes: A person looking to wear this historic outfit would have charisma, charm, and passion in their blood. You of course love fantasy renaissance, and this era in particular transforms your imagination back to a time where the wizard, warlords, and knights battled to gain power and supremacy in their newly developed worlds. In the end your tough macho exterior is protected by human armor, but your true intimate nature is what wins the heart of the fairytale Princess.

Batman Costume: Now this is a classic, and seems to be a favorite among the person who loves to be tough and mysterious. You have a big heart though, you look out for the vulnerable person, and that is why this character appeals to you. You have to admit, this costume is cool, and you love all the high-tech accessories that come with the outfit! Don't forget the design will expose all your physical attributes, and you're ok with that, because not only do you want to save the world, but also share your appeal with that better half.

Cat Costume: Every Halloween would not be the same if you didn't see the feline creature prowling around at your favorite party! This person has independence written all over them, and they love to play the game. Their seductive personality, and sensual moves easily draw in their prey for a playful night. You're very comfortable in your own skin, and being that the outfit is made up of sleek black designer fabric with sexy nylons, high heel shoes, and a little trim of fur for the tail, definitely expresses the true kitten in you.

Cleopatra Costume: Truly the most memorable woman in Egyptian history, and someone with a passionate character wearing this outfit tells us you love control and power! You have complete confidence in your physical appearance, and you use that to your absolute advantage to hypnotize the crowd. You also thrive on attention, and you get it by showing off your flashy gold jewelry, to the sensual Egypt influenced dress topped off with her infamous decoration headpieces shaped as serpents.

I hope you had fun reading this article, and who knows maybe you might go against your character this year, and dress up as something different for Halloween! Just think, instead of being that Princess, you can be the Gothic chic, or if you normally do the western thing, how about really shocking yourself and go as fairy, just a suggestion!

Whatever you decide to dress up as, remember that it's one time out of the year that you can let your inhibitions go, and not only let people laugh with you, but also allow them laugh at you.