Ho, Ho, Ho! Is A Non-Traditional Santa Costume On Your Christmas List This Year?

Memories of Santa Claus and his magical influence has many Christmas enthusiasts searching for that perfect Santa Costume to keep tradition alive each festive season!

However, something odd has happened over time, and we are quickly noticing that Mr. Santa is setting some new trends with his Santa suits, and has been spotted around town in many fashion styles and colors that are not so traditional anymore.

Santa Claus costumes have come a long way, and with many of the online costume suppliers stocking up on good old Saint Nick apparel, you just can't imagine what this popular elf will come up with next this year. I'm just amazed how these online costume companies catch on so fast with the trends, and make them available to you so quickly, aren't you?

Known also as Kris Kringle, he is normally seen around town on Christmas Eve in his traditional red suit with white fur trim, red Santa hat, black boots, and big belt to hold in his big jelly belly, which still seems to be very popular to date. But in the past few years Santa decided to promote some of his new outfits for the holiday season, and now if you're lucky enough, you can see him around town wearing fancy blue Santa Claus suits, with a variety of matching blue Santa hats! I personally find it very slimming for Santa.

Mr. Claus Is Spreading The Cheer With Holiday Costumes For Women, Kids, and Even Your Pets!

Boy, times are changing, but I believe for the better! It's nice to see that Santa's not the only exclusive Christmas icon seen wearing a festive costume. The only thing is, I'm not sure if you agree, but old Saint Nick's getting a little relaxed in his days, and if you happen to be out and about late at night, you may see Mr. Kringle hanging out in some of your local night clubs, with a beautiful lady wearing a very revealing sexy Santa costume. I wonder what Mrs. Claus has to say about that!

If you have seen these sexy Santa costumes, they truly are eye candy for the adult's eyes! I personally have seen them, and they're very attractive looking with the little red dress, plush white trim, cuffs, black belt, and matching Santa hat. I have also witnessed the Saucy Santa outfit, which includes a red velvet dress, white fur trim, and matching hat. Wow, I better stop talking, just in case Old Nick finds out I'm revealing his secrets, and puts me on his naughty list.

I'm not sure if Santa happens to be recruiting Santa helpers in his extremely old age, but it is well documented that many costume suppliers are offering a wide range of Santa Claus costumes for kids! Now of course they didn't have any Santa facial hair, and were not wearing a Santa Claus beard and wig, so this is how I knew they were children, and not elves.

You can tell Old Saint Nick likes his protégés to look good, because these kids were wearing some joyful apparel. The boys had on a Red Velveteen Santa suit, with white fur trim, black belt, and boot tops, with the traditional red Santa hat. The girls were wearing the Little Miss Santa outfit, which included a red dress with white accents, belt, and Santa hat as well. The infants were bundled up in precious Santa Claus baby costumes, which made them look absolutely adorable. You could tell they were enjoying themselves, and they were all spreading the true festive spirit like Santa would have in his younger days!

Now call me crazy, but I think Father Christmas was going a little too far when I happened to spot many pet costumes. Who would have thought there would be a Santa costume for pets! Well it's true, and you can see many of these furry critters running around in pet antlers, and you have to see the Santa Claws costume that includes the red outfit with white trim, and attached character arms, it's amazingly funny. Leave it to good Old St. Nick to give us all a laugh or two.

While wrapping up this story, I realized that Christmas is a time of year to spend with your close family and friends, and with our world changing every year, it's fun and refreshing to look at celebrating this great season with a spontaneous, colorful change. It keeps our minds fresh, and when you finally find your Santa costume that suits your personal style, embrace it, and enjoy a non-traditional Festive Noel once in a while!