Wait Costumes are for Christmas too!

Christmas costumes are fun too! We all had fun dressing up for Halloween, but did you ever think about Christmas costumes. Imagine your kids coming down on Christmas morning to see Santa, and Mrs. Clause standing by the Christmas tree. Would that be exciting? When you were a kid, would you have gotten a kick out of that?

Christmas Costumes could be a great new tradition to start, if they are not already a big part of your holiday celebration. Every year you and other members of your family just start dressing up, and poof, a new tradition is started. Christmas traditions create lasting joyous memories. Traditions also provide future generations with a guide line, that they can improve on. When you get married, you often have to combine two family traditions, and that creates new traditions.

Of course Christmas costumes are just one possibility of traditions to pass down to your offspring. One of great ones we had, was for the youngest of the family to place the toper on the Christmas tree, helped by the oldest of the family. One fond memory is when Grandpa (who could barley lift himself, let alone a two year old) knocked over the Christmas tree. After finding out every one was ok, it made for a hilarious moment caught on 8mm film ( thats a big clue as to may age). The point is, the whole family will for ever remember that moment in time. I continue this tradition on to this day, and I expect my children will do the same.. Hmmm.. I hope I never knock over the tree..

Just for fun one year, try passing out Santa hats, Reindeer hats with antlers, or some other funny looking Grinch stole Christmas hat, and watch the fun start. The kids and adults alike will have a great time. You have just spread Christmas joy that goes way beyond the gift giving. You have just created a togetherness that, in my opinion, is more in line with the true spirit of Christmas, that gifts under the tree just can't match.

Christmas costumes do not have to be expensive. Felt hats are very reasonable, look good, and can be packed up at the end of the day and saved for next year. You don't have to buy the velvet Santa suit, when a felt Santa will do just fine. Or, instead of the whole suit, you can go with just the Santa hat and beard and still have a lot of fun. Can you imagine the fun you could have with kids baking Christmas cookies while dressed as Mrs. Clause? Or having a Santa and an Elf pass out the Christmas gifts? Man, thats a Christmas to remember. Not to mention the in-laws are really going to be impressed.

Just remember the fun we have dressing in costumes for Halloween doesn't have to end there, costumes are for Christmas too!
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