5 Ways To Cruise For Free

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Title: 5 Ways To Cruise For Free
Author: Dick Ingersoll
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Copyright: (c) 2002 All rights reserved.
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If there were a way you could cruise for free, would you be
interested? That's a silly question isn't it? This article
reveals 5 ways to enjoy the cruising lifestyle for free.

1) Get A Job:

Spend your winters in the Caribbean and your summers in
Alaska or travel to remote and exotic ports in Europe,
Australia, New Zealand, and South America and all
over the world.

Most people pay between 1,500 and 10,000 U.S. dollars
per week to live on the same luxury cruise ship and
visit the same places. You can do that for free (free
meals, accommodations) plus you will get paid for it.

It's a great way to save money and meet people from
many different cultures. It is a great summer job for
students, as well. Here are some links to start with.

2) Win A Cruise:

Are you lucky? You can win a free cruise by playing the
online sweepstakes.

You will however end up on lots of mailing lists so get
yourself a free email account on Yahoo or some other free
email site. You will have to keep up with the contests on a
daily basis but hey, it's free! Below are some good contest
sites for you to play.

Another good place to look for cruise specific
sweepstakes is:
If you search on the word "cruise" in only this
newsgroup then sort by date you should turn up current
sweepstakes that you may not find on the other sites.

Good luck and please send me a postcard from your cruise.

3) Become A Tour Conductor/Group Leader:

Did you know that for every 15 passengers (8 cabins)
the 16th passenger goes for free? So get together 7
couples and get them to join you on a cruise. Not only
do you get to go for free, your friends get to go
for a group rate.

How about starting your own business as a Group Leader.
One of the best books on this subject is How to
Organize Group Travel for Fun and Profit. There are
many organizations in your back yard i.e.: Church
Groups, Women's Organizations, Seniors Groups that want
to travel together but need someone to organize and
lead the trip. That someone could be you.

4) Be a Speaker:

Many of the cruise lines are looking for programs to
present to their passengers. If you have experience
and can present a program of general interest. You're
welcome to cruise for free. Often you're able to bring
along a guest (and often even your family) for free as
well. Far and away the finest book written about this
topic is The Complete Guide to Conducting Seminars At
Sea by Mary Long. Mary conducts seminars around the
country you can check on her schedule at Mary is the world's
authority on conducting seminars at sea.

5) Are You Entertaining:

Call you agent and get him to book you on the next
cruise to your favorite destination. Not only will you
travel for free, you'll make a few bucks. What, you
don't have an agent? OK, the same links that are
listed for Get a Job will work for Performance Jobs as
well. Tune up your fiddle, or guitar or whatever and
head for the high seas.


There you are, the rest is up to you. Each of these
suggestions will apply to different folks with different
interests but all of them will work. All I ask is for you
to send me a card and tell me how it worked for you. Bon-

Copyright: (c) 2002 All rights reserved.

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