Enjoy Your Next Cruise Without Gaining 10 Pounds

Lets face it, one of the joys of a cruise is the sumptuous world class food that is available everywhere and in great quantities. Needless to say, nearly anyone who has embarked on a cruise has come back a bit heavier, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many other amenities aboard every cruise ship that you can enjoy and still fit into your bathing suit at the end of the trip.

One key to not overeating is to simply only eat when you are hungry. Avoid the temptation to eat at every chance you get and ask yourself “Am I really that hungry”. If you are then go ahead and fill up, but if you are not, pass on the food or eat just a little bit or a piece of fruit.

Another thing to remember is that you do not have to sample everything on the buffet every night! If there are many things you would like to try, then pace yourself throughout the week. How about taking just a bite or two of that tempting dessert instead of eating two pieces? Those 2 bites will taste just as good as eating the whole thing and leave you feeling much lighter.

When eating at a buffet, try to fill your plate up with fruits and vegetables. This will be much healthier for you and leave you full of energy and ready to dance the night away!

If you do overeat, there’s plenty of opportunity to burn off those extra calories. Take full advantage of the exercise equipment on the ship and plan to get in a full workout each day. Walking the deck can be fun and also a great way to get in some exercise. When you are in the pool, swim a few laps instead of just floating. Take the stairs instead of elevator whenever possible.

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