Customer service, everyone say's their's is great

Customer service, everyone say's their's is great
while a large percentage fail miserably.
By Vern Anderson

Customer service is probably the most important
part of any online business, but many are dropping
the ball.

This past week (not by design) I encountered just
how great a lot of customer service problems are

My first dealing was after I made a product purchase
and needed customer support for the product. After four
request's for support with no answer I gave up.

Now it could be that my email never got to the customer
support due to filters. I only know how the person
needing support feels.

Another web site was offering a service (45.00 per month)
I thought I might need for my web sites so this time I
sent an email to customer support asking about the quality
of their customer support and elapsed time for a reply.

Three day's later I received a reply and the tone of the
reply was, why are you bothering us when you are not a
customer. I emailed another question and never received
a reply at all.

I located this same service at another web site (only the
name was different) so I tried again. After two day's I
received my answer to their customer support implying, why
don't you signup and find out. Now I receive autoresponder
messages every couple of day's pushing their service.

Is this what customer service on the web is coming to?
What ever happened to (the customer is always right?)

I realize that the web sites that are doing very well are
very busy handling a lot of daily chores, however customer
service needs to be at the very top of their list if they
want to continue to be very busy.

I know some sites still have excellent customer service,
three of those are, Host4Profit, Graham Hamer of Profit-Plan
and Terry Dean NetBreak Throughs. I have received excellent
customer service at these web sites.

Now I know there are a lot more with excellent customer
service, but I also know that an awful lot of the top sites
are failing miserably.

Customer support is the one thing that will make or break
a great web site with great products faster than you can
say scat.

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