Dog Raised Feeders - The Only Way to Go!

One of my favorite dog supplies I have is my dog raised feeders, one for each dog. I donít necessarily SEE all the benefits Ė not tangibly anyway Ė but I KNOW how wonderful they are for my dogís health. Not to mention avoiding spilled food and water! I also picked up a floor mat for dog dishes, and that helps too.

I bought a raised feeder with an enclosed bottom to also store their food, which I find saves me SO much time when it comes to feeding them. It also reminds me to feed them, as Iím very absent minded.

The biggest reason I bought the elevated dog feeders is because I had read over and over again (and heard from many breeders) that it helps dogs digest their food so much better. If you think about it, donít you digest better sitting up rather than lying down, or standing on your head? Thatís pretty much the equivalent for a dog.

And come to think of it, there IS a tangible difference from when they ate out of standard floor level bowls Ė their *ahem* intestinal gas has dramatically decreased. I didnít change foods or treats, simply the height at which they fed themselves from. Of course, if you feed low quality food, or lots of table scraps, a raised dog dish wonít make a whit of difference.

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