Make a Miniature Easter Egg Tree

How To Make A Miniature Easter Egg Tree

Tools: craft knife, scissors

- 1" dia. container or clay pot
- 1/8" dia. dowel, 3" long
- 1" dia. styrofoam ball
- shredded greenery - foam or moss
- oven-bake clay - Easter egg colors
- 1/8" diameter ribbon (optional)
- scrap styrofoam
- white tacky glue
- moss or ground coffee for ground cover



1. Glue scrap styrofoam inside container.
2. Glue ground cover over styrofoam.
3. Apply glue onto end of stick and insert into center of pot.
4. Cover 1" styrofoam ball with glue and apply shredded greenery.
5. Apply glue onto other end of stick and insert into ball.
6. Make small egg shapes in Easter colors from oven-bake clay. Bake according to package directions.
7. Glue eggs to greenery ball in random pattern.
8. Make tiny bows from ribbon and attach as desired onto ball, or to pot rim. You can also glue ribbon around stick like a candy cane, topping with a bow at the underside of the ball.

NOTE: Another option for creating the eggs is to use small white Navy beans. Paint them with a variety of Easter colors. Then apply glue and press them, longside, against the greenery ball.

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