Murder Mystery Entertainment For All

Murder Mystery events are ideal for company staff training, whether it be for a New Team Icebreaker, to build Team Camaraderie, as a reward for increased sales, for team motivation or purely for fun.

Well now there is a new kid on the block. Murder To Die For are a new Murder Mystery company based in the North West of England.

So what makes them special, why should my company even consider talking to them?

Murder To Die For may be a new company but they were created by a group of Writers, Actors, Directors and Producers with a vast wealth of experience in the field of Murder Mystery entertainment, between them they have more than 80 years experience of providing quality entertainment.

Murder To Die For were formed to provide quality Murder Mystery entertainment at realistic prices. The founding members of the company realised there was gap in the market as far as affordable, quality Murder Mystery entertainment was concerned. There are numerous companies offering Murder Mystery entertainment, but if you wanted quality up until now it would have cost an arm and a leg. The average UK price for a standard Murder Mystery evening being 1000.00, that doesn't include the venue hire or catering costs, just the entertainment.

Murder To Die For realised that smaller companies just couldn't afford that sort of expenditure, so they setout to offer quality entertainment at a more affordable price, but how?

The company was formed as a non-profit organisation with all members having an equal stake, this means all income is split equally between the members, and all members have their own responsibilities within the company besides there entertainment roles.

As the company doesn't have any overheads, no company offices, secretaries, department heads, or executive directors, the costs can be kept to a minimum which enables Murder To Die For to offer quality Murder Mystery entertainment at less than halve the industry average, a standard Murder Mystery evening costing just 450.00.

So, now a Murder Mystery event becomes cost effective for small companies and organisations, so if you want to provide your staff with a reward or an incentive make Murder To Die For the first company you contact.

Further details can be found on their web site

About The Author

Kevin Hall, founding member of Murder To Die For and having 15 years experience in the entertainment industry.

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Kevin Hall