"Why Exercise Balls Are The Wonder Exercise Equipment"

Exercise balls are the latest invention in exercise
equipments. These balls catch every one's fancy because of
their shape and attractive colors. However, the real
benefit of exercise balls, introduced by a group of Swiss
medical therapists, is as a substitute of support during

An Exercise Ball is good for all exercise groups such as
core stability, rehabilitation exercises and cardiovascular

Workouts with the balls strengthen and tone all major
muscles in the body. The soft texture of the ball makes it
an ideal choice for Yoga positions, using dumbbells for
muscle toning, or working on heavy-duty weight training

The advantage of Exercise balls is that they are durable
and maintains its shape under pressure. The documentation
with the ball provides test load figures for how much
weight the exercise ball will hold. The advantage of
exercise balls is, they provide soft yet firm support that
does not harm your body.

Exercise balls come in various colors and finishes. You can
get a ball matching your room's texture. They are simple to
store and you can even roll them under your bed or table.
While you are not exercising with your ball, you can use it
for playing with kids. Soft and big balls will not do any
harm to kids. The ball game will provide extra exercise

Exercise Balls : Medical Equipment In Exercise

Originally used in medical therapy, exercise ball is used
to support the body while exercising. These balls provide
support to the body when you do a specific exercise in a
specific position and need to maintain the balance. Most
exercise balls are made of burst proof latex or other
materials and are safe to use.

Many yoga postures and muscle toning exercise can be done
only with the help of support. Exercise balls are quite
useful for these postures. Exercise balls introduce an
element of stability to the exercise that you would not
normally get in the floor exercise. Your body responds
automatically to the perceived instability to keep balanced
on the exercise ball. This helps in strengthening the
muscles that are not actively participating in exercise.

Exercise Balls- Effective For Physiotherapy

An exercise ball is also useful for physiotherapy
treatment. These balls helps to get rid of backache and
spinal disorders. The small range movement and adjustment
of balance of the spine induced by exercising with exercise
ball help in reducing back pain.

The Swiss ball exercise for people with back pain provide
them a simple way to restore movements after a back pain
episode. It also results in improved muscle strength,
greater flexibility and wide range of motion of the spine
during the treatment.

About the Author

Paul Johnson works as a software developer, often working
long hours under great stress. He considers exercise
crucial to his health. When purchasing his own fintess
equipment he researched all available products. Now he's
written a series of useful articles on choosing (and using)
exercise equipment.

Paul Johnson