How To Choose the Right Ezines For Your Ads

Do you feel bewildered when you begin an Ezine
Advertising campaign?

I do.

Take 'The Free Directory of Ezines', for example.
There are over 800 Ezines in the Directory that
accept paid ads. How do you decide which Ezines
to place your ad in?

There are several factors that narrow down the
choice for me.

First, I look at the subscriber numbers. If an
Ezine has less than 400 subscribers, I move on.

Then I look at the Publication Dates. I prefer to
advertise in Ezines that are published weekly, or
even more frequently; I don't want to wait a
month my ad to appear.

Then I look at the number of ads that appear in
each issue. If an Ezine has more than 15 ads per
issue, I give it a miss; I want my ad to be seen.

Then I look at the payment method; if the Ezine
doesn't accept online payment with the major
credit cards, I move on.

Then I look at the Ad Rates - on a 'blind date'
like this, the most I'm prepared to pay for an
Ezine ad is about $20.

Finally, I look at when the Ezine was last
updated. If the Ezine listing is more than 6
months old, the ad rates have probably gone up,
or maybe the Ezine itself has folded up.

These are all factors that you can use to narrow
down your search for the right Ezine for your
Ads. But it's still a 'stab in the dark'.

There's another technique, however, for choosing
the right Ezines for your ads. Basically, you
want Ezines that will give you a high
response-rate to your ad. The following technique
will tell you this with pinpoint accuracy. I used
this strategy a couple of months ago and it
produced excellent results.

First of all, I signed up for a 'Pro' account
with ROIBOT, an 'Ad Tracking' service. It costs
$17 per month, but you'll get that back easily
from a successful ad campaign. You can find out
more about ROIBOT at:

In the 'Manage Your Campaign' area of ROIBOT, I
generated 50 traceable URLs for my ads.

Then I went to my own eBook, 'EzyAds', and
subscribed to 50 Ezines that give a free ad to
new subscribers. I submitted an identical 25-word
ad to each of those 50 Ezines. Each of those ads
contained a unique URL generated by ROIBOT.

I then sat back and waited. My 50 ads were
published during the following month, some the
very next day, others 2 or 3 weeks later. Once or
twice a week I went to the ROIBOT website and
checked how many clicks I had got from those
traceable URLs.

The results were very interesting. Of the 50
Ezines that I placed free ads in, 15 produced an
outstanding response. At the end of the month I
purchased paid ads in 10 of those 15 Ezines. And
I continue to get a high response rate from those
10 paid ads.

(c) 2000, by Michael Southon

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