"How To Test Your Ads In Ezines Before You Spend A Dime..."

Would you like to know before you spend money that the
ad your going to place in an ezine is worth it or not?

I think we all would. You are going to learn how to
effectively test 50-60 ezines and see which produce
results for you, before you spend money on any ad

I use this myself everyday to test locations in ezines
to place ads and find the ones that generate the best
responses and the ones that are flat.

There are hundreds of ezines on the Internet that allow
free ads to be placed in them. You may have already
tried them, however, the twist on using them is this.

Find 20-30-50 of them and place an ad in them. Then
use a different URL or email address to track the
ads responses. You can add a "?" to the end of the
URL and track it's hits. The address would like this:

You can change the word "ezine" to reflect the area
in which you placed the ad.

Once you see the responses, you can tally them up and
find the ones that produce the best results. Many of
the free ad ezines also take paid ads.

Now, secure the TOP sponsor ad in the ezines that produced
and you know your ad will receive favorable responses.

It's an easy, affordable, and effective way to test
your ads before you spend any money on the campaign.

About the Author

Jason Mann is a profitability consultant who works with small and
medium web business to increase their overall profit using easy to
deploy, cost effective marketing strategies. Visit his web site at: for more helpful information about
web marketing.

Jason Mann