Little Known Secrets To Increase Ezine Ad Response Ten Fold Automatically!

There are 1000's of ezines out there. So You ask...

"which ones do I advertise in?"

You must find ezines with what I call "active readership".
Active readership will lead to a higher response rate for
your ezine advertising. Everybody wants and needs this for
their online business to be a success.

Use the following secrets to explode your response rate
and you will be able to negotiate for lower ad rates at
the same time.

Little Known Secret #1: Find a list that you would like
to advertise in, go to that site and look at how the e-mail
addresses are collected.

Your prospects are intelligent people! Something that we
know about the behavior of surfers, they are hesitant to
make a decision. Fearing spam they hesitate to fill out
forms with their paid for e-mail addresses. They will find
out anyway to subvert the system and still get their

Anywhere from 75%-90% of ezine subscribers will type their
free e-mail addresses on these forms. Many times these are
throw away addresses, which may never be checked again.
Your ad may never be seen! Okay, so what are effective
ways to get high quality prospects that are active on the
net. More importantly "prospects that will see your ad"

Go here... and examine
how taking away a subscriber form and placing just a button
adds more "active readers to a newsletter". Once prospects
click on the button the publisher gets subscribers dial-up
account address. Everybody checks their paid for accounts
at least once daily maybe even more. More importantly,
these newsletters are read and thusly your ad will be
ultimately seen!

Little Known Secret #2: Does The Newsletter Go out Monthly
Weekly, or Daily?

The frequency of the ezine is immensely important to the
ads effectiveness. How many times a month a newsletter is
published is a good indicator as to how the ezine is
perceived from the readers standpoint.

An ezine published once a month will get deleted much more
often than a weekly ezine. Why? Sometimes a reader just
forgets they are a subscriber of the ezine, sad but true.
An ezine that is published more often with great content
will be one of the best bets. Also look for daily ezines
to advertise in, these have an active readership and more
active buyers in this group.

Now, how are these secrets going to help me? if there is an
ezine that does not have these things going for it. E-mail
the editor and negotiate with him or her. State the above
facts and if your ad goes over well i.e. gets a lot of high
quality responses, you will most likely advertise many
times in the future. Ask for a discount of up to 50%.

Ezine editors love repeat customers! When looking at the
actual price of the ad you now have some great information.
Now go out and negotiate!

About the Author

Nathan Lynch is editor of the "Sell-Your-Site Like Crazy"
Ezine. Reach him at

Nathan Lynch