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Have you ever put together an informative and interesting newsletter.
Then your current subscibers tell you that there are pleased to tell you how much their enjoyed it,
then ask yourself why you are having so much trouble getting new subsribers?

Well the truth is their is loads of free newsletters out their to anyone who wants to recieve them
so bad luck for ezine editors free is not enough to bring people to you
okay here is a few ways to build your list

1.Never Give up

Marketing your newsletter is the only way you`re going to get new subsribers.
First things first you need to let people know that your newsletter is available.
Then pursuade them that you have something unique and valauble to offer.
Come up with a informative description that gives them the benefits of subscribing, and then
start getting it out there ways to promote your ezine could be:

Include subscription links within your eBooks or reports.

Propose ezine co-opts with other editors: you can promote your newsletters together for extra exposure

Experiment with pop-up subscription boxes

Put a signup box on every page of your website

Write articles and leave a link to your ezine in your resource box

Promote your ezine in your sig file

Use announcement lists

Submit to ezine directories

2. Try Pay-Per-subscribers Services.

Surely you`ve heard the phrase Time is money.
Well By now you have realised Marketing takes up a lot of time.
More editors are turning to Pay-per-subsriber Services
to help them grow their lists. An example of one service is

These services will charge you for each service that they find for you.
Which could range from $0.10 to $0.80 do shop around. These services
will charge you more if you use the double opt-in method than if you were to use the single opt-in method

Why would you want to use these services well you could be:

Low website traffic to get a steady stream of new subscribers

you don`t have enough time to spend marketing
or you have a lack of desire to spend the time necessary to promote your your ezine

You have a desire to build you subscribers list as quick as possible

3. Pull your chin up Introduce Yourself

The big advantage of having your own newsletter is the leverage
It give you with other editors.

Pull up your chin. Approach other editors in your market of expertise
and offer to swap adds or run other joint ventures. This is a great way to increase
your exposure without paying a dime

Rememer like you editors are busy people make it easy for them by providing all the information they need to make a decision

when you contact the editor adrees him/her by name if at all possible, name his ezine name . personalized email is always appreciated. This will help guard against spam

Introduce yourself and your ezine. Tell the editor key pieces of information, such as the ezine's focus and circulation.

Tell him/or what type of joint adventure you have in mind, let him or her know who it will benefit him/her

If you are suggesting an ad swap, include the ad for her conveniece

If the Editor agrees to your proposal, let him know when his ad will run in your ezine

4.Just Be Yourself

Okay so you`ve made the effort to get subsribers.... now its time to make the effort to keep them! Lets face it they are thousands upon thousands of free newsletters out there so make makes your different?

So you got great content good thats vital to the succes of your ezine but buy itself that is not enough. There are loads loads of ezine editors out there that turn out high-quality content-rich ezines consistently.

what can help seperate one newsletter from another is the editor. If you mould your own unique personality into your ezine. You will be really happy at how much your subscribers will appreciate it.

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